— Ale López —

Chilean-made / Toronto-based designer. Currently working at Scotia Digital as a Product Design Lead.

As part of the Scotia Product Design team, I lead the design team working on the mobile app. I believe in efficient, scalable, and modular design that works — no matter the device or platform rendering it. I love to share my passion for responsive design with Scotiabank’s teams in Latin America, taking every chance to teach the subject (in perfect Spanglish). Before joining Scotiabank, I worked in different design areas, including print, agency, and startups.

I hold a degree in multimedia communication with a major in direction of interactive audiovisual projects. As part of my studies, I explored technology both as a tool for solving complex problems and as a channel for artistic expression. Combining my love of design with my knowledge of code, I’ve been lucky to be involved in creating short films, 3D animation, music, and interactive exhibits.

I enjoy talking and writing about:

Responsive design 🚀

Experiencing the city through cycling 🚲

Working abroad (in Spanish) 🍁

Latinxs who design 🇨🇱

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