So, who is Ale Lopez?

Truth is my name is Pamela but I like to be called by my middle name "Alejandra" so I'll be super happy if you can call me "Ale" (pronounced "ah-leh").

I'm a hard-working, easy going, responsible and nice human being. I like to help people whenever I can. So I love to work with people that want the same.

In my free time I like to take pictures, write, read, play video games, make music and keep designing (After all, is my true love).

TL;DR Here's my Resumé and my Linkedin

This is how I work

I investigate, test, design and iterate ideas.


When I'm working I start designing with a pencil, a lot of post-its, markers and a notebook.

Research The way that I approach a project consist into first determine how the objectives that the client have with this business proposal is linked to the end user and how can it be a benefit for both sides. Then I investigate the target audience, create a user profile (Persona) and based on this research is how I prioritize the hierarchy of content by creating a site and navigation map of the project.

Wireframes Having that defined, I start to make sketches of the first structures so afterwards I can move on to a more detailed wireframe. I test the mockups with different users (depending on project size) and then according to user test I iterate the mockups several times before moving into the design.

Design At this stage I already have enough information to be able to select the best colours, images and styles for the project. Once the design is approved by everyone, what I usually do is to create a style guide for developers. And I help coding when necessary support in the area of Front-End is needed.


My favourite digital tools are: UXPin, InVision, Trello, Slack, Photoshop, Sketch, Sublime Text, Evernote, Pocket and GoogleDrive.


I've been lucky enough to have worked with cool design teams in agencies like: 6Sigma-Design, Promoplan and Digital MEAT

Also I've worked with some great brands, to name a few:
LG, RedBull, Corus Entertainment, Save the Children Canada, Converse, Scotiabank Chile, Chivas, Concha y Toro


I have an University Degree in Multimedia Communication  with a major in Direction of Interactive Audiovisual Projects from Universidad del Pacífico.

And I have a diploma in Creativity and Innovation: For Design and Business from Universidad Católica de Chile.

And I always like to keep my skills updated, so I've completed different courses about Analytics, SEO and UX.

If you want to see more details about my experience and education, please review my Resumé or my Linkedin profile